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NoKO meets with BJ Penn in SoCal to give him his new mouth guard!

BJ Penn is training for UFC 101 and his upcoming fight with Kenny Florian.  We met up with him in LA to deliver his new mouth guard in person.  Checkout this video from his website or go to to see more!


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Razor Rob McCullough and NoKO defeat Marcus Hicks in WEC 39

Corpus Christi Texas, March 1st 2009.  Razor Rob McCullough, youngest of 8 children, stepped into the cage with Marcus "The Wrecking Ball" Hicks.

The second round was when McCullough and his new NoKO mouth guard were put to the ultimate test.  At 4 minutes and 15 seconds remaining in round two Razor Rob was caught by a hard overhand left from Hicks.  McCullough recalls the shear force of the punch knocking him back and off his feet, but at no time was he even close to dazed!  Without his custom fit NoKO mouth guard in his mouth it is very likely he could have been knocked unconscious by that blow.

The instant Razor Rob fell back, Hicks was on him with his signature guillotine choke!  It's well known in the MMA world that you don't want to get caught in one of Marcus Hicks' chokes.  However, our clinical studies show that the NoKO mouth guard is an extremely significant aid in keeping the airway open, even under extreme conditions such as this.  Razor Rob McCullough later remembered breathing right through Hicks' choke until the fatigue of a choke that would have pressured most fighters to tapout forced Hicks to let go and subsequently take an onslaught of Rob's ground and pound, which undoubtedly shifted the fight's momentum in Rob's favor.  This balance of power held all the way through too a majority decision by the judges, awarding McCullough with a win.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we soft-launch the NO-KO website!  Demand for the NO-KO mouth guard and clothing have dictated that we shorten our launch timelines considerably.  Please contact us if you have any questions about anything that we have not yet covered on the site.  Thank you.

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3/01/09 - Razor Rob defeats Hicks...
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